7.6.2018 Superior Drillpipe Manufacturing, Inc. sold Miller Road Drill Pipe and HDD manufacturing assets to Texas Steel Conversion, Inc.  
  TEXAS STEEL CONVERSION, INC., ("TSC"), a leading provider of OCTG Processing and Manufacturer of Drill Pipe, is pleased to announce that we have acquired some of the business assets of Superior Drillpipe Manufacturing, Inc. ("Superior") based in Houston, Texas.

Superior is the industry leader in manufacturing large diameter friction welded Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) drill pipe. Superior’s size range covers up to 8 -3/4" HDD pipe. Superior is also a manufacturer of API and Double Shoulder Oilfield Drill pipe from 2.875" to 6-5/8" outside diameter. Superior’s Drill Pipe sales operations will be folded into TSC Drill Pipe, a division of Texas Steel Conversion.

Charles McPhail, Chairman and CEO of TSC, said that "the addition of Superior Drillpipe will support TSC's planned expansion by increasing current product volume capabilities, by adding to current size range capability and by opening new product markets. We look forward to continuing our 43-year history of providing current and new customers with on-time deliveries of the highest quality products the market offers."

TSC was founded in 1975 and is the leading provider of Alloy OCTG processing services for Premium and API Tubing and Casing. In 2000, TSC opened its Drill Pipe Division and began manufacturing top tier Drill Pipe serving Domestic and International markets. TSC looks forward to providing Horizontal Directional Drilling contractors their large diameter friction welded HDD Drill Pipe needs utilizing the Superior assets. Contact: TSC Drill Pipe or TSC Superior HDD (website modifications in progress) at our websites for your Drilling Tubular needs worldwide.
8.17.2013 Superior Drillpipe Manufacturing Inc. now produces 7 5/8" OD drill pipe  
  Superior Drillpipe Manufacturing Inc. now produces 7 5/8" OD drill pipe specifically engineered for the HDD market. This new, larger diameter offers several advantages over conventional sizes of pipe. It provides greater stiffness which allows the pipe to be pushed through longer horizontal sections without buckling. This provides the ability to use larger reamers or hole openers. The subsequent increase in ID offers a big step forward in drilling longer sections by increasing fluid volume and flow. Finally, the increased cross sectional area means significant improvements in tensile strength and torsional stiffness. This pipe was recently used to set a world record for horizontal directional drilling in the UK.  
6.4.2013 LMR Drilling has set a new world record in the field of horizontal directional drilling  
    Over the period 11th December to 13th December 2010, a 3,926 m long, 324 mm diameter steel gas pipeline was successfully installed using the HDD method.

This construction project consisted of two drillings, one from the mainland (Lepe) and one from the island (Gurnard, IoW), with the particular difficulty of having to adjust the drilling works in such a way that both drill strings met accurately underneath the Solent.

With the realization of a horizontal borehole of this length, a new chapter in the area of horizontal drilling has been opened.

Our special thanks go to our Client, Southern Gas Networks (SGN), for their confidence in our skills, as a crossing of this length had never previously been accomplished.

Furthermore, we thank our UK Director, Mr Jez Seamans, for the successful introduction and implementation of all necessary measures and the drilling team who, at the end of the day, have drawn on skill, experience and improvisation to lead this project to a successful completion. A second crossing of similar nature is to be commenced in the New Year.

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